Where do you begin your memoir?


That was the biggest obstacle when I thought about writing my memoir. Where do I begin? I originally wrote it as a graphic novel but my rusty  drawing hand was slowing me down and visually it looked way too sexually explicit. I came across a writing site called textnovel.com and I just started writing. I got some good feedback which motivated me to keep going. I wrote about 5k words when I started having trouble with the site and after several failed attempts  I decided to just give it up. I have it handwritten in my notebook now. 

The writing site did force me to just start and finally get it going. I have heard other writers say to start as late as possible and to get out quickly. I believe that’s what I did. Some readers on textnovel.com commented that they breezed through the story. Grabbing the reader right away is what you should strive to do. 

In my next post I might go over other memoirs and how they started their novels. 


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