Welcome to the Memoir Club-1


Happy New Year and welcome to my first blog. 

Why would I want to create a blog about writing memoir?

I do believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell but I also realize that not every storyteller will become a best selling author. Anyone who has a burning desire to write about a special time in their life should do so. My blog is about writing your story for your own sake. To heal by self examination of your past hurts by seeking meaning. 

I wrote a short memoir when I was 13 years old. It was about my grandmother who had died that summer from diabetes. After a few days of crying I grabbed a stack of lined paper and began to write all summer long. Twenty five pages later I was done. I had written about losing my grandmother whom was more like a mother to me since my biological mother had died when I was a year and a half. Two people read that story: my little sister and my best friend. 

I pray that those that need to get their stories down on paper will find solace and direction here. 


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